First cheese – German Quark

From few hundreds posts I will need to work on, I chose the most recent one – my first cheese: German Quark. Extremely easy to make, cheap, not too many tools needed but I wasn’t impressed too much of the final product. It’s a good start, not a failure, but the taste and texture was ok only. I’ve got the recipe from the following link: German Quark Cheese. I would be interested in another people to share recipes, impressions, failures, best results, recommendations, etc. Next one, probably Bocconcini or Mozzarella. German Quark


4 thoughts on “First cheese – German Quark

  1. Hello! Good to see you return. I had a ‘go slow’ for a couple of years myself. Life happens!
    I’m not a great fan of Quark, Chef; though, I hear it’s very good for health.


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