Shrimp in orange and tequila sauce

Few months ago I’ve made a very good and successful recipe of shrimp with tequila sauce. This one is even better, with a sweet touch of orange juice taste. My recipe is slightly different from the original recipe and has a bit more tequila (1/3 cup), 3 jalapeños and one red chilli pepper, 4 cloves of garlic and the sauce is not so thick as I like it more watery.

Shrimp In Orange-Tequila Sauce

Shrimp In Orange-Tequila Sauce



Mexican style drumsticks

Browsing the internet to find new recipes, I found this site with an interesting mexican flavour in cooking the regular and boring chicken drumsticks. The results were very well appreciated by my family and definitely this is one of the recipes I will prepare again soon.

My wonderful wife prepared some mashed potatoes and a delicious cabbage salad which were a great accompaniment for my chicken.

See original recipe for ingredients and directions –