Liebster award – part two

As I promised, here you go 5 random things about me:

1) Born in 1962, lived in 3 countries, moved in 22 times




2) 3 things in my Bucket List:

– visit New York

– visit Tokyo

– and owe a 43′ Scarab

or 40′ Baja Outlaw

3) Can’t wait to see my future grandchildren

(No picture available)

4) Love my trailer

5) Again I’m dreaming about a 40′ (or less) BAJA OUTLAW

Probably a lot of you are disappointed, expecting something out of ordinary, but I’m just a regular guy.


4 thoughts on “Liebster award – part two

  1. Dear Chef Doru,
    Awesome photos. Moving 22 times and living in 3 countries is interesting to hear. I am sure it was challenging. Thank you for linking to my blog post. Which country was your favorite and why?

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


    • Hard to say which one is my favorite. Maybe Romania-home country, nice&kind people, a lot of friends, nice places, etc; maybe Israel: nice weather, friendly people, nice jobs (nice pay); or maybe Canada-quite county, my son is here, beautiful places.
      In max one year, I will buy a new condo so I’ll reach #23 moving.


      • Dear Chef Doru,
        I like the reasons you like Romania, Israel, and Canada. I see why Canada especially calls you. Being close to your son must fill your heart with joy. Enjoy your travels and your cooking.

        Never Give Up
        Joan Y. Edwards


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