What a perfect idea for a Sunday dinner in downtown Toronto. Now I’m craving for some “Chicken Pad-Thai” and “Chili beef ramen”. Thank you Sophie for the suggestion.

Love Live & Learn

…Especially when you don’t have to pay!

On Wednesday evening I got a real treat, my sister and I decided to go out for a meal at one of our favourite restaurants, Wagamama. I’m fairly sure that I’ve blogged about going there before but I have to reiterate, the food is delicious.

Plus, my sister paid for the whole meal, I clearly have the best sister ever!

It’s one of those restaurants where you seem to find a dish you adore and then you just don’t want to stray from it. That’s certainly how Alice and I am anyway. She has a thing for rice so her choice is obvious – Chicken Raisukaree which is chicken stir-fried in coconut curry sauce with a nice big mound of rice.

The sauce in this curry is absolutely divine, I always have to dip my chopsticks in it a couple of times to…

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