Until now I tried only the Jambalaya on the slow cooker and was very good. One day, I decided to cook it on the stove and the perfect recipe in my opinion and for my taste is from BBQ Guys. I couldn’t find Old Bay seasoning at the grocery store so I decided to make it at home from scratch. The taste was amazing and way better than the recipe for the slow cooker so I strongly recommend for the Jambalaya lovers. I  made 1/4 of the original recipes and was enough for my family (3 persons) to eat few times.







6 thoughts on “Jambalaya

  1. Bonjour Doru! Confirm pentru cea din New Orleans… the total yummy! 🙂 În cei 5 ani la Houston, Texas, am fost de câteva ori în Louisiana… Cajun food is really excellent… bon appétit & cheers! 🙂

      • îti recomand NO, Louisiana… nu te vei crede-n USA, dupa ce iesi din Texas… I’m serious! în French quarter exista o Toulouse street! 🙂 ah, am descoperit acest blog de-al unui compatriot – poate-l stii deja: 🙂
        Sanatate, bafta si spor în tot ce intreprinzi… multumesc pentru haltele la “playground” & friendly hugs, Mélanie

    • No problem. I did some changes myself and used 4 kinds of sausages: farmers, hot italian, chorizo and some home made Hungarian sausages but didn’t want to mention this in my blog. Totally for changes, whatever makes you happy! LOL.

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