Awards. Three of them. In one shot.

After 2 weeks vacation in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Peterborough, finally I’ve got home and opened my laptop first time after 17 days. First thing was to check my blog and see what comments I have, who liked and what and stuff like that. Second comment I’ve read, was from an old follower and a fashion guru, who blessed me with three awards. WOW! Thanks a lot Amanda for you kindness and appreciation and hopefully a lot of my admirers will go and delight reading your blog.

Best Moment Award

Best Moment Award

Sunshine Blog Award

Sunshine Blog Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Now I am supposed to “disclose” 7 things about me:

1) I like beers. A lot.

2) And wine

3) Definitely a family guy

4) Totally “in love” of my trailer

5) I hope to go to Tokyo one day.

6) Love to cook for my family and friends

7) Can wait to retire and raise my grandchildren

The most difficult thing to do when awarded, is to pick only 15 from all my fans. Here are my nominations in a random order:

1) Melanie

2) Sophie

3) Kat

4) The “Surfer”

5) Jermaine

6) Mark

7) Ina

8) Marie

9) Azita

10) XBOX

11) Johnny

12) Sad Man

13) Amy

14) Oana

15) Bernice



11 thoughts on “Awards. Three of them. In one shot.

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  2. Hi Doru,
    Thank you very very much for remembering me and nominating me for such a great “package” of rewards. I shall make you proud of this great surprise you sent! Multumesc mult de tot, cu drag, Oana 🙂


  3. Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for the nomination! It really means a lot! I am also back from a shorter vacation but I will be formally accepting in the upcoming days. 🙂


  4. Dear Doru, Congratulations on your award by Amanda – well deserved! Like you, visiting Japan – Tokyo specifically – is a fond aspiration. Hope you make it there and when you do, you must of course blog about it! ; )

    Thank you for the triple award! I’m delighted by your kind recognition. Now I just have to find room on the mantle for these shiny awards.


  5. Bonjour-Hi Doru! 🙂 Your generosity in nominating me is highly appreciated. However, your continued stop-overs and your participation @ the New Playground is THE award I value most. Mille merci! 🙂 Thanx a bunch of lavender from my front yard, my very best and good luck in all your endeavours… Pensées amicales & pe curând! Mélanie


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