Spicy Asian rainbow trout

This is very unusual for me and try to cook fish with soy sauce, oyster sauce, Mirin, etc and not with the traditional Romanian ingredients. Usually, I’m very conservative with my fish and I like it with garlic and polenta or sometimes, with vegetables. The only exception from my rule is the salmon, which I tried it in all kind of international recipes. The spicy Asian trout is a recipe from Rosemary’s blog which I strongly recommend to visit and follow.

Spicy Asian Trout-1

Spicy Asian Trout-1

Spicy Asian Trout-2

Spicy Asian Trout-2

17 thoughts on “Spicy Asian rainbow trout

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  2. This is one tasty spiced trout recipe! My husband & I both love trout also made in another way, like we love to eat it! These spicy asian trouts loo, delicious, my friend! 🙂 Waw even! 🙂


  3. I love seafood – 3x per week at least. But trout is a “special”fish to enjoy and cook. We have discovered marinating it for a couple of hours with herb & spice of anyones choice and then smoking/steaming it in a special “contraption” that has coals burning/wood in it and has cover for about 4 hrs – oh the taste: divine!


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