Sushi Dinner

I think first of all I should apologize to all my followers and all my numerous fans that I didn’t post anything for quite a while. I can find thousands of reasons and excuses, but ……… what’s the point :)? I have a bunch of recipes to post in the next few weeks, but I thought that a sushi dinner will be very appropriate for a come-back. This is nothing fancy and just our weekly or bi-weekly sushi dinner we have. Me and my son Mario prepared some: salmon sashimi, California roll, unagi, salmon nigiri, spicy salmon and spicy crab gunkan, salmon roll and shrimp tempura roll.

Sushi dinner

Sushi dinner


10 thoughts on “Sushi Dinner

  1. oh buddy, that looks like some tasty gunkan. have you ever tried your hand at tamago-yaki? well-executed egg sushi can be absolutely beautiful (and tasty, as well). good work, sir.


    • Thank you for all the nice words and appreciation. I think I’m doing pretty good for a Romanian trying to make sushi. The Tamagoyaki is probably one kind of sushi I didn’t try it yet. Can you roll the egg in a round pan also or has to be that square shape pan?


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