Sanma kabayaki

One day last week, when I was buying my salmon and tuna sashimi grade, I saw some weird-looking frozen fish. Being not so expensive, I’ve decided to buy it and then I’ll find a recipe for it. Probably 95% of them are on the grill, but after almost one hour of searching the net, I found it – Sanma Kabayaki – the perfect balance between the sauce and this kind of fish.

Sanma kabayaki-1

Sanma kabayaki-1

Sanma kabayaki-2

Sanma kabayaki-2



8 thoughts on “Sanma kabayaki

    • Thanks for taking time and visit my blog. i did the same and I find yours pretty funny. regarding the Sanma, is a very common and cheap fish you can buy anywhere in Japan. I bought it in Toronto at a Japanese fish place where I buy my sashimi grade tuna and salmon.

      • How deliciously exotic, then! I’ve been meaning to go to an some ethnic specialty store for a while, but it really does seem to take nerves of steel to walk in. I think the pig head in the front of the shop is the real breaking point for me…

          • Well, I’m excited to visit those someday! And I really should look around more anyways, there’s bound to be one that isn’t scary if I look a little farther a field. And now that I have my goal recipe, it’s given me some needed encouragement to search for those new and exciting places.

  1. Sanma or pacific saury is one of my fave favourite fatty fish now, it’s contains tons nutritional essentiao protein and taste pretty good with a reasonable price compare to salmon and tuna…
    never cook it kabayaki style, tempting to try!
    lucky you found the ready to eat then….

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