Harusame Salad

First time I used the famous cellophane noodles, I thought that would be safe to try something simple and tasty such as Harusame Salad. Wow! The entire family was pleasantly surprised by this tasty dish. Definitely I will come back to Sumo Kitchen for more  delicious Japanese recipes and I strongly recommend it to all my fans and followers.

Harusame salad-1

Harusame salad-1

Harusame salad-2

Harusame salad-2


2 thoughts on “Harusame Salad

  1. Oh wow, I almost forgot about harusame salad. My mother used to make it all the time when I was growing up. She usually mixed the noodles with cucumbers and wakame. The cucumbers I loved, the wakame, not so much!


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