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After not even 3 months of blogging, I’ve got the “bomb” from Johnny : Liebster Award. Big surprise, huge honor from a blogger like Johnny.

I will nominate the following 10 bloggers for their hard work and success,  good recipes and professionalism:

1) Chef John has to be #1 on my nominations as I’ve started my adventure in cooking following his video recipes. I did quite a few with amazing results.

2) BBQ Pit Boys definitely the best recipes in the history of the BBQ-ing/smoking/roasting

3) Janet has good taste on her recipe’s selection

4) The Ranting Chef one of my first followers with a very interesting choices on his recipes

5) Linda – nice and vast selection of recipes

6) Irene another “must see” website for cooking

7) Perky – I just start to follow Perky and I found already few interesting recipes and other topics

8) Mariantonietta – very nice website and a lot of interesting recipes I just started to explore

9) “Natural Euphoria” – a lot of interesting items to explore on this website.

10)  Lesley – nothing about food on this website, but you can find anything else there. I love your nice and sincere words about your visit in Romania.

Congratulations to all!!!!!!



14 thoughts on “Liebster awards

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  2. I’m glad you accepted this. Didn’t really explain the procedure very well, especially as it’s so long ago.
    My link isn’t working, btw. You might have to go into text within edit post and remove http:// from the address within ” “.


  3. Gosh, A big Thank you Chef Doru:) This is awesome:) I am honored that you picked me:) Funny thing the Ranting Chef was one of my first followers too:) I really enjoy Johnny:) That one knows how to pick flavors 🙂 He is on the ball ! I like Irene.. how could you not.. with the Pittsburger sandwich :)I love relaxing cooking:) My fellow always tells me when I am tense .. GO COOK:) And Lesley is just as cute as a button:) I love the bucket list productions:) (so a little question… now what? this stuff is all new to me:) Thank you again:)


    • What a nice comment, Perky Poppy Seed! Actually, I should have explained more to Chef Doru as you only need to nominate 5 per award (I was awarded this twice – even then you don’t have to). You’re also supposed to give 5 random facts about yourself, although this isn’t in any way obligatory. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. Also link to the 5 you are nominating and let them know that you have done so (usually through their About page). That’s about it, apart from the award badge (didn’t realise there’s more than 1) which you can put on your blog so it shows every post.
      Oops, another essay 🙂


      • Oops! I thought I have to nominate 10. Anyway, all 10 deserve this award 100%!! I will give to the entire world 5 random facts about me probably this weekend. Thanks Johnny again for choosing me for this award. Still I think you should pursue a carier in photography as I love, love your pictures, decor, plates and everything used in those pictures.


      • Thank you, Johnnys Enough:) So… what you’re saying is that a nomination is actually an award? If you get nominated you also got the award:) That is cool:) I was waiting to hear the results of the nomination:) LOL thank you:)


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