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  1. Dear Doru,

    You’ve got a great blog!

    I’m reaching out to you as an agency assisting the digital team at Maple Leaf Foods. We are looking for an exclusive group of bloggers who’d like to join a new website that is being launched by Maple Leaf.

    We think you’d be a great fit and would love to send you more information regarding the specifics of your proposed involvement.

    If you could send your e-mail to ryan.sookhoo@bishopintegrated.com we can fill you in!




  2. love your blog, man. i just stumbled in and i really like what i see. no nonsense, good home cooking. i really appreciate the realness of all of your photos and recipes. more than anything, i love the romanian flare.

    i’ll be sure to stop in from time to time and see what you are up to.


    • Thanks again for your appreciation. I love Japanese food, culture, people, history, etc. I will find a lot of information in your blog and definitely will read your blog very carefully. Thanks.


  3. Nice to meet you Chef. I love your “About”… very funny πŸ™‚ I enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing your recipes. Thanks for the follow and I’m looking forward to following you.


  4. Lol I don’t know when you wrote this but I thought it was funny. I have a couple of empty pages too that I just haven’t gotten around to update so I know the feeling.


    • I meant what I said. I kind of promised I will update my “about” page, but I’m really struggling keeping up the blog running and all the other social activities.


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    • Thank you again for the third award?? This is too much for one day. You should’ve wait at least until tomorrow. πŸ™‚ LOL! Thank you for the nice words about my humble blog and I promise that all my recipes will be a selection from the best world cuisine.


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